If you are just getting into online marketing, it’s probably the first time you are designing a social media marketing campaign. But whether you are just starting or have run successful online marketing campaigns, Facebook ads are bound to come up as part of your options. That said, you cannot dodge the question of whether Facebook ads are still worth it as a digital marketing channel. You may think it is the breakout opportunity for your business. Or you’re skeptical about its ability to deliver your digital marketing goals. Whatever your stand on the matter is, let’s explore Facebook ads and see if they are worth it. 

Facebook – Where the Masses Are

Social media marketing has become entrenched into most digital marketing strategies. The choice of social media channel notwithstanding, an online presence is a necessary evil if you don’t want to lose out on clients. This is why even small brands are leveraging social media to boost engagement and reach their conversion targets.  Facebook ads provide a wider reach because it is where the masses are. Facebook is by far the most popular social media platform. Potential buyers, suppliers, and merchandisers are only a click away. 

Cheaper Cost per Click

The question of organic reach still pops up when discussing Facebook advertising. The issues with organic reach are one of the reasons why people pay for Facebook ads. While you could be found via organic reach, the reality is that many businesses are vying for your audience’s attention. Not to mention all the other social media channels a person could be on. For this reason, maximizing the benefit from every interaction with clients, even with Facebook ads, is critical.

Luckily, unlike most social media sites, Facebook offers one of the cheapest costs per click. On average, a cost per click on Facebook costs $1.72, but the cost varies based on whether you are advertising to companies or customers. So, depending on your expected return on ad spend and return on investment, Facebook ads may or may not work for you.

Brand Awareness Matters

Over 70% of B2C advertisers have found customers and changed their marketing strategies from Facebook. However, this also depends on the objectives. Is it to drive traffic, generate leads, improve engagement, increase sales or improve the brand’s reach? Eventually, a successful marketing campaign will lead to better brand awareness, and building a robust brand image guarantees future sales. By combining CPC and insights from other campaigns, a company can successfully increase its brand awareness and generate its own organic reach.

Targeted Ad Campaigns

Social media sites collect a lot of information about their users—it’s a fact. This information is critical for ad management. Audience segmentation is a crucial aspect of ad management. Using analytics reports on a Facebook ads campaign, you can make changes to your campaign that will be critical to its success. Gathering data on location, age, gender, or even log-in times will help you determine who are the most receptive for your brand, products and services.

Wrapping Up

To definitively say if Facebook is worth it, you would need to look at your business and the objectives you want to achieve. There’s no one-answer-fits-all. It depends on what your company offers, your industry, your audience, and the campaign’s goals. You can individually assess whether Facebook ads are worth it for you. Facebook ads gives you many options for campaign types. You can go after conversions, website clicks, localized advertising, brand awareness, acquisition, or promotion. This means it is a proper testing ground for campaigns that you can run on other platforms or digital marketing channels.

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