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You have no time. You need to focus on your business.

The M5 system is built on tried and true marketing strategies that result in growth: reputation, resell, reach and retargeting.


Learn How to Get Real, Trackable Results from Your Marketing

Who We Partner With

In our 20+ years of experience, we've worked with many companies and industries throughout the United States. These days we focus on two primary clients. 

757 Businesses

We're from Hampton Roads and it's always a good idea dance with the one that brought ya! If you're in the 757, we'd love to chat!

RV Resorts

On our marketing travels we've made friends in the RV Resort industry. We know the challenges and enjoy the partnerships.

Trusted by:

1. Reputation

Reviews are essential but just scratch the surface for your business online. The rest of the marketing system doesn't matter if you don't get this right. Make sure your website,  GMB, social and more are optimized before moving on to resell.

2. Resell

Now that reputation is in order you can begin to focus on reselling your products and services to you existing customer base. Email marketing, SMS, follow up and reactivation campaigns, giveaways and more help sell more to those that already love you. 

3. Reach

Reach is where you can expand and find new prospects. Whereas resell is an easier win, reach takes more investment to win initial business from a new customer. Effective ad campaigns, social media management and SEO are great options for this stage.

4. Retarget

The final stage of the R4 Framework is retarget. We have identified those prospects in our Reach campaigns that are most likely to take action. Now we focus retargeting campaigns to encourage them to take the next step and become paying customers.

Our Story

Hackworth Marketing delivers results-oriented digital marketing strategies for businesses in Hampton Roads and beyond. Led by Mark Rowan, we have a proven track record in developing systems that improve reputation, increase resell and expand reach. Ultimately, we help grow your business. 

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Praise & Testimonials

Hackworth Marketing has being doing our website for MotorTech for years now. The customer service they provide is beyond excellent. Always fast with problems and steps out of their way to help you out. They are the real deal.

John Taylor MotorTech

They assisted us with our AEE-SEVA website redesign. Definitely will use Hackworth for all of our future Website & Marketing services. Excellent service and follow-up after the project is completed.

Jeff Hall AEE-SEVA

When trying to establish an online presence for 3STRAND, Inc., Mark Rowan and the Hackworth marketing team provided expert guidance and creativity. I highly recommend Hackworth Marketing for all your branding needs!

Vernon Brant  3Strand, Inc.


Learn How to Get Real, Trackable Results from Your Marketing

Tired of dumping money into your marketing budget and never knowing if it is working? Well, stop doing that. We'd love to discuss how you can change that trend.