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  The M5 Helps Small Businesses Streamline Communications and Grow Revenue via an
All-in-One Sales & Marketing Platform

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One Tool to Rule Them All!

Say goodbye to clunky, pieced-together solutions and hello to a seamless all-in-one platform that has all the tools you need, no duct tape required!

CAPTURE: Capture leads like a pro with our landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, inbound phone system and more - all in one handy platform!

NURTURE: Say hello to nurture magic with our automation that effortlessly reaches out through voicemail, calls, text messages, emails, Facebook Messenger, and more!

CLOSE: Make closing easy with our handy M5 tools for collecting payments, scheduling appointments, and tracking analytics!

You have no time for this stuff ... aka marketing. You want to focus on your business. What you need is an affordable way to help run your company. You need a system.

Enter the Marvelous Money-Making Marketing Machine or M5 for short. The M5 is a marketing system built to help grow and manage your sales and marketing.

In our case, a marketing system is a set of components working together through an organized framework to accomplish a goal.


Reach New Heights with the Four R's

"Four R's? What about the five M's?!" The M5 is our system while the Four R's is the strategic framework within it. There are four key marketing strategies that every business can optimize: reputation, resell, reach and retarget. When done correctly, a business will grow. In fact, if you optimize just any one of these strategies, your business is going to grow. If you optimize all four of them, you will experience explosive growth! We call these strategies the Four R's (4R).

M5 - marketing system - reputation, resell, reach, retarget

The Four R Framework

With the M5 we have designed the ideal marketing system on the 4R framework for your business. We just have to turn it on for you.



We develop and manage key assets and strategies that determine reputation in the marketplace.



We design and manage campaigns to help reach more target customers.



We design and manage campaigns to get more repeat business from existing customers.



We design and manage campaigns to stay in front of prospects and drive action.

Behold ...
The Power of the M5!

A marketing SaaS for small businesses - market like the big dogs with a small dog budget. The M5 has many robust components that allows a business to take control of how they communicate with prospects and customers.

M5 - marketing SaaS for small businesses

M5 Phone Number

Unlock the Power of SMS!

Wow, can you believe it? Text messages (aka SMS) have a super high open rate of 98%! That's almost a guarantee that your message will be seen. Emails, on the other hand, only have an average open rate of 21%. Talk about a difference!

But here's the cool part - if a business can both receive and reply to text messages, they're setting themselves up for major success. This is all possible within the M5.

Auto Front Desk

Never Miss a Phone Call!

Have you heard this crazy stat? More than 60% of calls to small businesses go unanswered every day! That's a whole lot of missed opportunities. But don't worry, there's a super cool solution! 

Introducing the M5 and its amazing feature, Missed-Call Text-Back! If a call goes unanswered, bam! This feature immediately sends a text message to the caller. How awesome is that?

Mobile App

Run the Biz From Your Pocket!

Manage your marketing on the go with our M5 Mobile App. Those who take advantage of it the most see up to 61% more leads come to their business!

Keep up with your prospects, contacts, opportunities, reviews ... all of it right from your pocket! Wherever you go there you are and you probably have your phone so the M5 is also there. 🙂

Consolidated Chats

Streamline your conversations

Managing all those social media conversations can be a real headache for businesses, right? All those missed opportunities just break our hearts. But don't worry, the M5 is here to save the day!

With the M5, you can now seamlessly integrate Facebook Messenger and Instagram DMs. Imagine having all your messages from Facebook and Instagram in one place! And the best part? You can read, reply, and even build chatbots for these messages with ease.

Google Business

Free Leads from Google!

Did you know that the average business gets over 1,000 visits to their Google Business Profile every month? The problem is, they're not making the most of those visits.
Enter Google Business Chat - a messaging service that can boost those conversions. All you have to do is activate it, and voila! Anyone who sees your business's profile on mobile Google searches or maps will see a handy "Chat" icon, making it easy for them to send you a message.

But wait, here's where it gets even better! Most businesses don't even know about Google Business Chat, let alone how to activate and reply to it. That's where the M5 comes in! With the M5, you can now read, reply, and even build chatbots for Google Business chats in one centralized place.

Reputation Management

Increase Rankings & Convert More!

94% of consumers say that positive reviews make them more likely to use a business, and 89% say they're likely to choose a local business that responds to reviews. Can you imagine how great it would feel to receive a response to your review? It's a powerful connection with the product/service provider, and it also inspires others to leave a review.

And here's the cherry on top - a steady flow of positive reviews can skyrocket your Google search rankings! Thanks to the M5, you can now send review requests with ease, and quickly read and reply to new Google and Facebook reviews right from your consolidated conversation stream. 

Auto-Reply Bots

Take back your time!

Here's a universal truth - anything that saves a business time is worth its weight in gold! Am I right or am I right?

Lucky for you, the M5 has got you covered. You can now build chatbots that will automatically send replies to all those frequently asked questions across SMS, Messenger, Instagram DM, Google Chat, and more! How cool is that?

Webchat Widget

Free Leads from Your Website!

Attention all business owners! Are you looking for an easy way to generate leads from your website? Well, look no further! The M5 Webchat Widget is here to save the day!

With this handy tool, your website visitors can quickly send you a message that will come straight to your M5 inbox as an SMS. And when you respond, your reply will go straight to their phone as a text message, freeing them from being tethered to the website. 

CTA Forms

Even More Website Leads!

Want to know another simple way to generate leads from your website? You guessed it - pop-up forms with a clear call-to-action!

Did you know that a website visitor is 70% more likely to convert when they see a strong call-to-action? That's right, a little nudge with a M5 CTA Form can go a long way!

"Link Tree" Pages

More Leads from Social Profiles!

Have you noticed that most social media sites only give you one profile link to play with? And what do we typically do with that link? Link it to our website's homepage, of course! But here's the thing - most websites aren't exactly optimized for those tiny mobile screens.

But don't worry, the M5 has got your back. With its ability to build mobile landing pages complete with call-to-action forms, you can turn your social media profiles into lead-generating powerhouses!

Mad Dash M5

Turn Leads Into Hot Leads!

Whoa, hold your horses! Did you know that the odds of connecting with a lead drop dramatically the longer you wait? Like, 100 times in the first 30 minutes after a lead comes through! And the odds of actually qualifying that lead drop by 21 times. Talk about pressure!

But don't worry, because the M5 has got your back. With its "Mad Dash M5" automation, you'll never miss a beat. Every new lead will receive emails, text messages, phone calls, and even a friendly ringless voicemail within the first 5 minutes of them reaching out! 

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