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Facebook Ads

Take the guesswork out of Facebook Advertising and target your ideal customer.

Facebook has 2.23 billion people that log onto their platform every month and nearly 70% of Americans use it. Users in United States spend 58 minutes per day on Facebook. The term "Facebook" is the world's most popular search term and Facebook Messenger is the top mobile app by number of downloads. It's no doubt that businesses and individuals are using the apps and website a lot!

Unfortunately, organic reach for Facebook business pages are on the decline. The average organic reach for a business page post is 6.4% of the page's likes. If you have 100 people that like your business page approximately 6 of them are going to see a post you share. On the other hand, ad impressions are on the increase. The average Facebook user clicks on 8 ads per month. 

The Facebook opportunity for local businesses is wide open if done correctly. We're here to help you navigate the road to Facebook Ad success. Want to learn more? We'd love to talk. Click here to schedule.

Facebook Ads

The ability to pair customer research and targeted Facebook Ads is a powerful marketing tool for local businesses. The combination of low ad spend and high ROI makes it one of the best advertising options that gets real results.

Mark Rowan

Director - Hackworth Marketing

Customer Research

To truly harness the power of Facebook Ads a business has to target their ideal customer. While many business owners may have a pretty good idea who their target audience is, it is always a good idea to double check. Part of our winning process is to run customer research before we ever try to sell something on Facebook.

When this step is completed successfully, developing a successful campaign becomes a reality. We learn the language of the buyer and discover pain points. This is a huge benefit of the research that allow us to speak they way the do and truly meet their needs/wants.

Lead Follow Up

After the ad what happens? Sometimes nothing at all and that is the problem. Our campaigns include a unique follow up strategy that helps your business close the deal. Ultimately is the responsibility of the business to close the sale, but our goal is to remove as many hindrances as possible. We want your leads to turn into new and repeat customers!

Using a combination of surveys, messaging, customer databases, tracking and email sequences, the follow up will help our team effort stay on the right track. We do not leave it up to the Facebook buyer's desire to buy your widget. It's not just an advertisement is a system of success.

Let's Demystify Success Online

There are a lot of things happening in order to make your business "pop" online. We know it can be a little daunting and that is why we're here to talk. Let's talk it out. Click the link to fill out a form or give us a call at 757-416-6109 and we'll demystify what it means to be successful online.