Search engine algorithms are constantly changing. Your strategy has to be constantly tweaked to match. Otherwise, being out of sync with the latest SEO tips will make you invisible to your market. That said, if you got everything right, your organic traffic would continue to grow. This is especially true if it is the lifeline of your business model. Instead of generic SEO techniques, the following tips will help you craft a qualitative SEO strategy. Learn how to maximize the benefits of a high rank on the Google search results page.

User Experience Is Critical

User experience is an integral part of the SEO strategy of a company.  A fast and responsive website with a fluid user experience ranks higher than a slower website.  For example, in 2017, Pinterest improved its website’s load time by 40%, resulting in a 15% increase in organic traffic from the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). If a user clicks a site and immediately opts out because of the slow speed that is a problem. The site’s rank will lower because search engine algorithms watch out for this data. Optimizing the experience to improve dwell times and click-through rates is the sure-fire way to get the most of your SEO strategy. 

Video Offers Massive Potential

Video marketing is a potent SEO tool, and many marketers are integrating it into their SEO strategy. Unfortunately, there are still some who have chosen to be apathetic about its potential.

The best SEO strategies are built on quality. If something works, there is little reason why you too shouldn’t benefit from it. This means that even when your SEO strategy is working, for now, you have every reason to future-proof it. Take time to make it agile to any changes that might affect it. Some users will prefer a short video to read an excerpt of the same, and Cisco projects that video content will drive over 82% site traffic in 2021.

Meaningful Content Above Everything

A common pitfall for people adopting SEO for the first time is to fall victim to churning out content for the sake of filling keywords. Remember that search engine algorithms are constantly learning. Also, visitors will realize that the content on your website is either filled with fluff or it is not really engaging.  If this happens, the dwell times and conversion rates will drop. You can probably guess what will happen to your SEO strategy from there.

Featured Snippets

You’ve seen those search results follow advertisements on a SERP that give you a sneak peek of the content. If optimized well, your site could be the one showing on these search results. It’s a sneaky way of getting organic traffic even above those sites that rank above you. Your content can also be a featured snippet if it is clear and concise, is easily scannable, has cross-device usability, uses reliable external sources, and can maintain engagement with the audience.

Voice Search

As virtual assistants become entrenched into daily life, there is enough data to favor those who optimize their sites for voice search.  In the US alone, over 25% of homes have a smart speaker. The numbers are expected to go up to 55% by 2022.  Voice search has great potential. A well-thought-out strategy is needed to take advantage of it. For example, it is common with voice search for people to search more local information than with text searches. Your strategy ought to account for it, too. You can use strategies like targeting long-tail keywords or structured data. The bottom line is that voice search is something worth looking into.

SEO is here to stay. It is one of the best ways for you to lock success in 2021. If you are not paying much attention to your SEO strategy, it’s time that you start doing so. Get in touch with a SEO specialist today if you need help breaking into to the top results of search engines.

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