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Mark the marketing guy here. I’ve been helping businesses communicate better with their online audience since 1999. I run Hackworth Marketing, a Facebook advertising and lead generation agency for restaurants and other local businesses. In this guide I reveal the exact strategy used to crush it for restaurant clients.  I hope you find this guide useful!

Mark Rowan

The Biggest Problem

Let me guess, the biggest problem you have as a restaurant owner is that you have been sending out emails and no one is opening them and/or you post on Facebook and no one sees it …. Is that right?

Two Paths to Reach Customers

1. Traditional Email

5,000 Emails Sent

20% Open Rate
(1,000 Opened Emails)

5% Engage
(50 Conversations)

And you don’t actually know how many conversions came from it!!!

2. Facebook Messenger

5,000 Messages Sent

80% Open Rate
(4,000 Opened Messages)

40% Engage
(1,600 Conversations)

That's 3,000 more views and 1,550 more conversations!!!

What if it could look like this?

Get your social media reach and engagement back with 30 to 40% increases like these!!!

Measurable Results

When was the last time you had a post that did this?

Build an Engaged Messenger Database

80-90% Open Rates and HUGE engagement conversations is the new lead and we get LOTS of conversations started!!

Conversions That Convert


89.5% Open Rates

47.9% Engaged

OVER 150 Walked in & SPENT MONEY!!!!!

When Do You Want Your Results to Start?

Now is the time to take that Facebook page that isn’t performing and get it engaged! Click the button below to get started.